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From the team behind The Chaser's War on Everything. The only journal that strives for mediocrity in a world of excellence.

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You may know The Chaser from such television hits as "The Chaser's War on Everything" and "The Chaser's Media Circus". But did you know that The Chaser actually started as Australia's first miner of brown coal in the 1890s?

To protect its vast profits, The Chaser Oil Corporation, set up a small, cheeky publication called The Chaser to deflect attention away from its illegal mining operations and recreational koala-shooting activities.

Over a century later in 2005, the newspaper, koala-shooting and mining operations ceased, so that the team could concentrate on managing its asbestos mines in China.

Unfortunately, the profitability of using asbestos as a way to pad out baby-milk formula proved somewhat over-optimistic, and the team was forced into the indignity of hosting popular television shows just to make ends meet. Some even ended up on Channel 7.

And so, nearly 600 years after Gutenburg invented the printing press, and nearly five years after the team last updated its website, The Chaser has decided to return to its roots, in the form of The Chaser Quarterly.

The Chaser Quarterly addresses the key problem of our time: namely – there is not enough content in this world.

Using a unique patent-pending Content Generation System (“writing”), highly trained Chaser Content Specialists (“writers”), will use bleeding-edge, state of the art technology (“computers”) to create long-form graphical internet essays (“memes”), tailor-made for a world bereft of content.

"No I won't do a quote to sell your stupid magazine"
- HRH The Queen of England

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